Home Groups

A ‘Home Group’ is a group of people from church who meet one evening or morning in the week to spend some time together thinking and learning about faith.

These groups are not cliquey or exclusive. New members are always welcome; the more the merrier!  Different people’s perspectives, insights and experiences make each group richer for all involved.

Most of us didn’t know each other before joining and every person is appreciated. Being a part of one of the groups is also a good way to meet people who attend different Sunday services, and discover just how large and varied is our congregation.

What do we do?

Meeting in the evening or during the day, we study the Bible together and share our confusions and questions; we pray together and support each other as Christians. By doing this we strengthen our faith, and grow together.

Meetings are extremely informal, and nobody is ever asked to do anything they are uncomfortable with. House Groups are friendly, small groups in which we can discuss our faith and our lives.

When do Home Groups meet?

We have several home groups meeting throughout the week. If you'd like to join a particular home group, please do contact the leader below. We have three groups meeting throughout the week.

Monday Evenings

Meeting 8.15pm on Monday evenings, this group gathers at 18 North Hill, N6 4QA. Please contact Peter Hill-King.

Tuesday Mornings

Meeting 9.30-11am on Tuesday mornings, this group gathers at 14 View Rd, Highgate, London N6 4DB. Please contact Ruth Woodburn.

Thursday Evenings

Meeting 8pm on Wednesday evenings, this group gathers at 17 Yeatman Rd, Highgate, London. Please contact Sally Higginbottom.